When Someone Say It Can’t Be Done, It’s Not Because It’s Impossible — It’s Simply Because They Haven’t Found A Way To Make It Possible.

We know how to make it possible.

Medical Devices

Our extensive medical manufacturing capabilities include engineering services, design converting, final assembly and packing. IPU has a wide range of medical device manufacturing experience including diagnostics and surgical instruments, catheters, laser hair removal, dental implant, artificial hips and knees, and more. We assist our customers in the selection of medical grade materials including fillers, reinforcements, composites, additives, stabilizers, pigments, extenders, dyes, and thermal stabilizers. The selection process considers physical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties; chemical resistance; and long-term durability. Our medical devices meet the highest medical standards including ISO 13485-2016 certification for products and ISO 14644-1 certification for our Class 7 clean room.
Plastic Tube Container - Dental Implant Packs
Manual Pipets
ECG Device
POP Device
forPerSys Medical
vascular access devices in emergency situations The NIO, is a user-friendly, semi-automatic intraosseous device that provides quick, safe, easy vascular access in emergency situations
CoG - Glucometer
A non-invasive sugar testing devic
forVia surgical


IPU manufactures a wide variety of automotive parts such as products for cooling systems, fuel systems, and complex technical components for OEMs and aftermarket suppliers. IPU integrates advanced production technologies in manufacturing processes such as complex over-molding, insert molding, High Frequency welding, ultrasonic welding, special assemblies, and more. Plastic Injected parts are manufactured from different types of engineered thermoplastic compounds such as PPA, PA, PPS, EPDM with additives such as glass or carbon fiber and various minerals.
696 Thermostat EGR cooling
730 Integrated housing thermostats
HEMI Thermostat
heating pin

Water Flow Systems

Sophisticated water flow system products require multidisciplinary know-how in several areas and processes — beyond basic familiarity with Plastic Injection processes and the characteristics and capabilities of raw materials needed to manufacture these types of products. Water flow systems manufactured by IPU are fully compliant with all international quality standards and are suitable for contact with fluids and drinking water.
Zen weld
Water Flow System
Water pressure control


IPU has been supplying parts for the high-end technology industry for more than 30 years. IPU does things differently. Our special know-how enables us to transform sophisticated parts produced by CNC manufacturing into parts produced by Plastic Injection manufacturing, thereby significantly reducing production costs as well as product weight and time to market. Our services include DESIGN & ENGINEERING of molds of specialized and unique parts, Plastic Injection of thermoplastic and elastomeric over-molds, and Integration & Assembly of composite parts. Plastic Injected parts are manufactured from different types of engineered thermoplastic compounds such as PPA, PA, PPS, EPDM with additives such as glass or carbon fiber and various minerals.
Induction welding technology
Dynamic Weight Distribution (DWD) System
forSource Tactical Gear
Long Float
Centauri Star Lite
forOphir Photonics MKS
Portable Laser Power & Energy Meter
Pilot Finger Light
forNew Zealand Air Force
Finger Light is a finger-mounted LED light source, capable to provide two output modes light brightness: – high and low. Dual switches allow for right or left hand operation. Momentarily press one or both switches to turn On or Off the device. Turn the light on, then press and hold one or both switches to change output mode.
Last Chance Filter
Last Chance Filter (LCF) is a self-contained filter assembly for point-of-use filtration in digital printing systems. It is designed to be used as a stand-alone filter in small systems.