A PleurX™ is a drainage catheter that is inserted typically as a simple outpatient procedure, in the chest for draining pleural effusions or in the abdomen for malignant ascites. The end of the catheter stays outside of the body, hidden under a bandage when not in use. To drain, just connect the end of the catheter to the drainage line on the bottle. Patients will no longer have to remain in hospitals because of this fluid built up, as the PleurX™ catheter will allow you to be at home and have this fluid automatically drained away from the danger zones. This means that there is less of a need for constant care and this fluid can be fully drained away on a daily or less frequent basis.

It utilises a small catheter and drainage bottles. The process only takes approximately ten minutes, which saves the patient having to make long trips in and out of hospitals and other medical facilitates to get this procedure completed.

There is a certain amount of training that needs to be completed to be able to conduct this drainage, as there are certain risks involved if the correct steps are not taken. Once the patient or their carer has been adequately trained, they will be able to conduct the drainage of these fluids in a safe and controlled manner.

IPU and the PleurX catheter

When it comes to catheters, it may seem that they are simple and straightforward to design, but a huge amount of work goes into the minutest details of the planning process. Every single aspect of the device is carefully thought out and tailored in a way that aligns with the rest of the components. By keeping a specific goal in mind, the design team are able to craft what is an improvement on existing device so the market.

No matter what the specific needs are, IPU can tailor towards them thanks to the amazing research and development department, who are able to innovate and develop exciting new ideas, turning mere dreams into reality.

The technology that is available today is truly staggering compared to just a decade ago. Now highly advanced medical devices can be streamlined from the design process to manufacturing in a very short space of time, where in the past it might take years for this process to be completed. The PleurX catheter is one of those devices that have improved the quality of life for so many people.