IPU is a service and thermoplastic injection-molding manufacturer, based in Yavne, Israel. Our manufacturing plant covers a combined area of more than 3,000 square meters and 2,000 meters of this space is taken up by our manufacturing area for different types of plastic products and parts like single use medical devices.

The main capabilities we offer include production of models, product development, machining, stamping, injection molding, final assembly and fabrication integration. We offer secondary operations that are located in-house for welding (ultra-sonic, regular and H.F.), pad printing and outsourced operations for hot galvanizing, powder, coating, anodizing and chrome plating. We have extended expertise in the selection of materials, in particular different types of engineering plastics like PBT, PES, PEI, PEEK, COP etc.

The importance of Intellectual Property (IP) cannot be understated, when it comes to single use medical devices and components. We have upmost security and safety protocols in place to protect your confidential IP data.   This is achieved through a process based management, which is carried through in each department to ensure that administrative interference is kept to a minimum. This allows us to carry out even the most complex of tasks in an efficient and effective manner.

Our clean room molding facility has been approved and registered by the FDA, it is cGMP compliant and it is Certified to ISO 13485. It is equipped with machinery such as an integrated overhead crane, closed loop micro processed controlled machinery, as well as material feeding and external drying capabilities.

This means that we are equipped to handle nearly all medical parts and any requirements needed from a clean room plastic injection molding system.  Examples of common medical devices include diagnostics and surgical instruments, catheters, IV cannula, respiratory equipment and more.

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