Quality Assurance and Control department

Our QA and QC departments works according to the strictest international quality standards.

The department is operated by a team of experts whose ensure the customer final product meet to the quality standards, according to the customer requirements.

The Quality Control department is fully equipped with the latest equipment, pin gauge sets, digital calibers, optical comparator, micrometers, Shore durometer and etc.

Our equipment calibrated by external calibrating laboratory according to ISO/IEC17025.

IPU Industries can set up specialized testing processes and build dedicated equipment for conducting special tests, such as strength and sealing tests.

All quality control processes for each product are fully documented and archived, every product has full consistency, including samples from each stage of production.

Our full consistency policy enables us to quickly identify the source of any production issues and fix them.

For our overseas manufacturing, we work with the QC services of SGS


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ISO 9001:2015

ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices

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