Piezo valves in automation and control applications

The area of proportional valves, in control and automation applications is subject to tough competition just like any other product. The market demands for more accurate, smaller, lighter and less expensive than their predecessors.

The market is also demanding faster more precise and low power consumption devices to be integrated especially in analytical equipment as well as in medical equipment.

Piezoelectric technology is already used in many industries and especially in the automotive and medical equipment industry, where it is being used in valves and especially in proportional and pinch  valves.
To create an actuator IPU uses the piezoelectric properties of certain crystals, which undergo mechanical deformation when electrical voltage is applied.

This actuator is composed of two main mechanisms: A pole connected to a plate containing the piezoelectric crystal and the electrical connections as detailed in figure 1.


A metal spring tightened to the pole and capable to move on the pole as detailed in figure 2.


When electrical voltage is applied on the crystal a deformation occurs on the plate and moves the pole along the axis that is perpendicular to the deformed surface (Z).

If multiple pulses are applied the pole will move along the Z axis as described in figure 3.


• Low weight
• Low cost
• Low power consumption
• Low noise
• High accuracy
• High reliability
• High energy efficiency
Miniature Piezoelectric proportional Valves-