Mold Design

Mold design and production is the main key to comply with the customers’ requirements and for cost effective product manufacturing. By using its accumulated experience years, advanced machinery and quality control techniques IPU Industries can help you to achieve this key issue.

Recognizing the impact of molds production costs on the viability of a project, IPU Industries will provide you with detailed information to help you to evaluate design options to make parts both functional and moldable.

Injection Mold import
IPU Industries offers its customers the option to import injection molds at affordable pricing conditions, providing technical and logistical support, quality control from the design stage to production including shipping, including quality control and repair services for the imported molds.


יצור תבניות לפלסטיק

Mold Production

IPU Industries manufactures hardened steel molds designed for large-scale production of precision plastic components for a wide range of industries; medical, electrical, telecommunication military etc.

Molds types:
• Single cavity
• Multi cavities
• Prototype molds
• Over molding
• Insert molding

Mold production machinery
IPU Industries molds manufacturing facility uses state-of-the-art machinery including:
• Advanced CNC
• Milling machines,
• EDM wire cutting machines,
• Carving,
• Surface grinding machines
• Accurate control, inspection and measuring equipment.

Rigid Delivery Schedules
To comply with rigid delivery schedules demands, IPU Industries is capable of expanding its production resources by using qualified sub-contractors.


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