Piezoelectric Proportional Valve

IPU’s Piezoelectric Proportional flow control valves especially designed for the control of gases or liquids in industrial, pharmaceutical medical and biotechnology environments, combine features of long life, low power, high accuracy and high reliability.

The Piezoelectric Proportional Control Valves provide reliable and accurate liquid or gas flow control. Especially designed to operate in open and closed loop, controlled by 4-20mA and/or 0-5 VDC input signals.

A plunger activated by a piezoelectric actuator with special sealing tip, moves in 0.001 mm (0.00002 inch) increments to precisely control the aperture of an orifice through which the gas or liquid flows. The piezoelectric actuator is capable to deliver a force of up to 500 grams to enable operating pressure of up to 150 PSI.

The high resolution displacement of the plunger that enables high accuracy process control is achieved by using a piezoelectric actuator and a precise encoder to measure and control the actuator displacement. A microprocessor integrated within an electronic circuit board converts the control signal to precise position of the plunger.

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Miniature Piezoelectric proportional Valves-

IPU Industries Ltd, a privately owned company located in Yavne, Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, specializes in research and development, engineering, design and manufacturing injection molds and in precise injection-molding for the medical, telecommunication, defense and aerospace, piezoelectric valves electronic and consumer products.

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