Neridem® Last Chance Filter

The Neridem® Last Chance Filter (LCF) is a self-contained filter assembly for point-of-use filtration in digital printing systems. It is designed to be used as a stand-alone filter in small systems.

Sintered metal wire cloth media options are available for the Neridem® LCF. It provides good flow rates, long service life, and excellent gel retention. Sintered metal wire cloth media is a sintered woven stainless steel wire mesh structure that provides excellent chemical compatibility across a wide range of ink chemistries.

  • Economical and compact point-of-use filter for digital printers
  • Specially selected connections for fast filter changes
  • Housing material optimized for maximum blockage of UV light ( PP,PA,POM)
  • Media selected for maximum performance in ink jet systems
  • Housing:  Opaque Black Polypropylene – white colorant
  • Filter media : Dutch Weave D35mm/200×1400/0.07mmx0.04mm/ Dutch Weave
  • The nominal filter rating is 5μm and the absolute is under 18μm,
  • Absolute rating corresponds to the used media .
  • Effective filter area: 8.2cm2
  • Maximum allowable pressure: 2.8 bar.
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