Clean room manufacturing

Since October 2008 IPU Industries operating clean rooms conditions to manufacture, assemble and package premium plastic components and products for the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

IPU’s products are manufactured to meet the highest quality control requirements, complying with ISO certification (certified ISO13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015)

State of the art Clean rooms with a total size of 450 m² are in operation and certified ISO 14644-1 standard (class ISO-7).

Injection molding is also performed in the clean room. A damage to an injection molding machine or an additional system will not result in a contamination of the clean room. Filter systems ensure a particle and germ concentration pursuant to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 – Class 7 and Class C of the EC GMP.

Clean room production capabilities include:

  • 5 Plastic injection machines (35-140 Ton)
  • Mechanical assembly tools
  • Electro-mechanical assembly tools
  • Quality control instruments and tools.

IPU Clean room certificate 04-2020



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Clean room manufacturing - plastic injection