straight catheter

In the field of medical devices, nothing is more rudimentary yet vital than having a top quality range of catheters, such as the IV cannulas and the Straight Catheter. They are important for such a wide range of functions that keep the patient in a more optimal position that, without them, the medical world would be handicapped.

Because, they are used so many times each day, it is vital that the design and the production process is of a top quality and no flaws exist within the structures of the medical devices, or they could cause huge problems on the hands of the medical world.

The Straight Catheter is normally utilised to extract a sterile specimen of urine when it is needed for lab purposes. As it only has a single lumen, it has been streamlined for a once off emptying of the bladder. When it comes to the Straight Catheter, the intermittent catheter is a close cousin and is commonly used for self-catheterization.

Many people will have issues that do not allow for proper urination or they may have some issues whereby their bladder needs to be drained. This is where the straight catheter comes into play. Some of the common reasons why a healthcare professional will make recommendation as to why you should use a straight catheter such as having your bladder drained may be due to urinary incontinence (whereby you cannot control when and how long you urinate for) and urinary retention (when you cannot empty the bladder when you have the need to) amongst other reasons.

IPU and the straight catheter

As mentioned previously, it is vitally important that attention to detail be kept when it comes to the design and production of a Straight Catheter. As it is going into a very delicate area of the body, you do not want to open the patient up to having certain problems like infection and contamination.

For so many people, bladder problems have a severe effect on their everyday living, making their life quality, difficult and uncomfortable. Thanks to the Straight Catheter, they can relieve some of this tension.

IPU has been one of the leaders when it comes to the design and manufacturing of these catheter medical devices for some time now and the expert team that is in place is well experienced when it comes to the nuances associated with the Straight Catheter.